Huxter, located a few steps from the beach in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, is the physical space through which I am able to represent the New England experience.  I incorporate the traditional coastal / nautical look into a vibe that is more universally attainable- one dictated by the natural landscape and changing seasons of New England. 


The name came about when I was about 12 and decided it would be the name for a band (if I ever had one…I didn't).  In 2012, almost 16 years later, a desire to open a retail store led me back to the name and it stuck.  I invited my good friend Sam, who was working in real estate in New York City, to come help me run the store, grow the business and escape the NYC grind.  That first summer was a magical one filled with hard lessons, great successes and daily swims at the beach next door. 

Huxter will continue to evolve but will always stay true to its roots - quality, timelessness and New England.